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a case in westbrook shows the disruption and anxiety an outbreak can cause..the science behind the 'yanny vs. laurel' debate (& who's right!)..sexual intimacy in old age not linked with memory loss. the hearings in the european parliament with the participation of the founder of facebook , mark zuckerberg, will pass in the closed mode.. is the place to come for breaking news, analysis and for stories that are just too interesting � or too entertaining � to pass up..

elizabeth loder, md, professor of neurology, harvard medical school; chief, division of headache, brigham & women's hospital. https://drbryanpwalsh.com/Westermark-grandma-of-Shatz-from-Sakai?Burgeessi=206 .

it causes stroke and dementia as well as mood disturbance. svd increases with age but is accelerated by hypertension and diabetes..